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New tender supports Hungarian-Turkish research and development

The forthcoming call will encourage the launch of bilateral innovative projects, with a focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, and other fields.

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, has recently announced that HUF 200 million will be available for the realization of three to ten ideas. In addition to university and research institute groups from the two countries, at least one company from both Hungary and Turkey must also participate, he added. 

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology, together with the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, organized a video conference to explore cooperation opportunities in high-tech and artificial intelligence (AI). The event was opened by the two ministers, László Palkovics and Mustafa Varank. In addition to government actors, universities, professional organizations and businesses were also represented at the event.

The Hungarian minister stressed that the impact of new technologies on the sustainable growth of national economies, the improvement of companies’ operational efficiency, and peoples’ quality of life cannot be fully assessed. Palkovics pointed out that it is clear how big a role artificial intelligence plays in daily life, including in medical diagnostics, customer relations, mobility, transport and logistics. 

He also talked about the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence strategy that was developöed to make the most of these unique opportunities. The Artificial Intelligence Coalition already has 270 members and plays a central role in the professional and practical foundation of the strategy.

The Hungarian government is interested in stimulating cooperation at the international level as well and urges the development of regulatory tools for emerging technologies.

The 2020 Turkish-Hungarian call for proposals aims to stimulate joint work in future-oriented industries, such as biotechnology, renewable energy, 5G and digitalization developments.

Projects can be supported with HUF 20-70 million. The submission deadline is expected to be the end of January 2021.

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