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New student laboratories were handed over at the University of Pannon in Veszprém

Strengthening IT training and increasing the number of students is of paramount importance to the government.

Thanks to the new tools and software, students can not only gain up-to-date and marketable knowledge but also have the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized professional certificate free of charge.

The university can now teach new subjects and topics. Students will have a much better chance of entering the labor market immediately after graduating from university.

All new solutions and developments are based on digitization, and behind all digitization decisions are well-trained, innovative, well-paid IT professionals.

Strengthening IT training and increasing the number of students is of paramount importance to the government, which is why we decided to support such training with tools within the educational program “Program Your Future!” of the Government Informatics Development Agency. Thanks to the new laboratories, students will have the opportunity to take an internationally recognized professional exam after completing the courses, Balázs Károly Solymár, Deputy State Secretary for Digitization at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said. 

The expensive exam certificate can now be obtained free of charge by students after completing the courses. Thanks to the new student labs, university lecturers can be trained as well, he added.

The IoT lab equipment purchased under the project provides an opportunity for students to build smart solutions where actuators that automatically respond to data collected by different sensors perform tasks. The laboratory equipment will be in focus during a 24-hour programming competition organized by the Faculty of Technical Informatics in mid-October, Ferenc Vonderviszt, Deputy Rector of the University of Pannon, said.

Some of the tools will help train students at the University of Pannon’s Veszprém campus, while others will be at their campus in Nagykanizsa. Three entrepreneurial companies — ULX Kft., H-Didakt Kft., NETvisor Zrt. — participated in the construction of the student laboratories.

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