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New priorities for castle developments

Five new castles will receive funding for renovations and tourism development.

Late last year, the government decided to reallocate resources in the National Castle and Fortress Program. A decree was issued in December by the government, canceling some projects and redistributing funds to other, new developments. 

The newly released funds will go towards Majk Kamaldul abbey, once home to Camaldolese monks, known for their vow of silence; the Episcopal Palace in Sümeg, a building dating back to the mid-18th century and now home to various exhibits; the Sándor-Metternich mansion in Bajna, an 18th-century complex originally owned by the “Devil’s rider,” Móric Sándor; the Festetics Palace in Dég, with a park, lake and various legends to boot; and the Károlyi Palace in Füzérradvány, featuring a Romantic design by Miklós Ybl and decorated within in Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Castles that will not be developed for tourism due to a withdrawal of funds include those in Várgesztes, Csesznek, Ónod, Körmend and Csókakő.

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