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New playground to open in Budapest City Park

The City Park “Big Playground” will open for families on the first day of the fall school holiday, October 26th.

The City Park “Big Playground”, one of Hungary’s most complex and state-of-the-art playgrounds, part of the Liget Budapest Project, will open on October 26th. 

The over 13,000 square meters of parkland has been set up with nearly fifty special apparatus, including slides, swings, ropes, rotating toys, individual and doubles spring toys, trampolines, various sandboxes and water toys for all ages. “The state-of-the-art public park has a modern, innovative, free-to-play playground that can be found anywhere in the world,” said László Baán, Ministerial Commissioner of the Liget Budapest Project.

A total of about 50 play items have been selected to appropriately develop key competencies and cognitive abilities of each age group. Some of the game elements have a special, integrated design so that healthy and disabled children can play together. Some of the extraordinary toys are also suitable for the family to play together, and the special mesh structures can carry the weight of the parents.

“The Liget Budapest Project is the result of the coordinated work of nearly 1,000 professionals: architects, landscape architects, preparatory engineers and many more,” said Benedek Gyorgyevics, CEO of Vároliget Ltd., adding that “during the preparatory phase, we negotiated the plans with more than 140 NGOs and were able to incorporate 95 percent of the proposals and requests received by them in the course of implementation.”

To safeguard children, the area is protected by a one-and-a-half-meter, custom-designed fence with five entrances. The playground will also provide animations to help introduce the games and help families understand them better. 

The toys are manufactured and transported by Europe’s most reputable and experienced companies, all safe and comply with the highest domestic and EU standards.You can watch the introduction video for the playground here.

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