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New open beach in Tiszabábolna

Water tourism and ecotourism play a huge role in the life of the southern Borsodi and Tisza settlements.

András Tállai, parliamentary secretary of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representative of the region, said that the local government had worked hard to open the Tisza beach and had successfully applied for funding from the Operational Programme for Regional and Urban Development and the Hungarian Tourism Agency.

Water tourism and ecotourism have a special role and importance in the life of the southern Borsod and Tisza settlements, which are almost competing with each other to see who can offer better services and attract more people, he said.

It is also important for the government that Hungary makes use of tourist opportunities, and it is worthwhile to be aware of the potential everywhere, which can be built upon, as the people of Tiszabábolna have done, he said.

According to Tállai, they are confident that it will be possible to build a new cycle path on the banks of the Tisza.

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