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New models have been added to the Mini Hungary model park in Szarvas

The Mini Hungary model park aims to showcase famous buildings, railways and ships from all across Hungary, with miniature replicas displayed in the greatest of detail.

The model park opened on April 10, 2013, at the Szarvas Arboretum. At its opening, the park displayed models of dozens of Hungarian historical sites and buildings, including Szeged Cathedral, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Cifrapalota of Kecskemét and Eger Castle.

Designing and creating the detailed mock-ups took nearly nine months and the efforts of 12 professionals, including renowned artists, and over 50 construction workers.

The rivers, lakes and individual buildings in the model park are all located according to their actual geographical location in Hungary.

Now, the park has been extended with six other elements: models of the Hortobágy “Nine-Hole” (nine arches) Bridge, Füzér Castle, the Reformed Church of Vizsoly, Rákóczi Castle in Sárospatak, Andrássy Castle in Tiszadob and Hortobágy Grand Inn.

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