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New Medical Wellness Division of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa now open

The wellness center has been renovated with an investment of HUF 650 million.

Bük Medicinal Spa Ltd. completed the project in Bükfürdő, near the Austrian border, with an official opening ceremony on October 10.

László Attila Boros, CEO of Medical Wellness, said that the new center of almost 1,400 meters will combine the old with the new, including state-of-the-art treatments using cosmetics made with the spa’s own healing water as well as wellness solutions from the German company Kurland.

Spa-goers can choose their desired combination of pampering and healing options for just one day or even three weeks of wellness bliss. 

Boros also announced the Bükfürdő Osteoporosis Program, which will be for all (adult) ages, offer both treatment and prevention, and include a workout program, diet counseling, and pain-free bone density measurement. 

Some specialty body treatments will include the Kraxenofen (Alpine Hay Steam Cabin) in which the head and feet are unaffected by the heat and the Soft-Pack system, a rheumatological treatment that became popular with all wellness lovers – the body is covered in algae or mud and then floats in a state of weightlessness, with the skin absorbing nutrients into its deepest layers. 

The center aims to bring both physical and mental wellness to spa-goers and will market itself to the growing sector of health tourism. The region’s MP, Péter Ágh, referred to the new center as a truly forward-thinking, 21st-century bath. Mayor Sándor Németh commented that the renovation of the 40-year-old building has resulted in a top-quality medical wellness center capable of delivering services on an international level of quality.

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