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New international innovation tenders for domestic companies

A EUREKA tender for innovations of Hungarian companies in cooperation with foreign entities will be opened with a budget of more than HUF 3 billion.

With the political support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), Austrian-Hungarian and German-Hungarian joint EUREKA projects are eligible for financing, Deputy Minister Tamás Schanda said.

The deputy minister emphasized that this is a huge opportunity for increasing the competitiveness of Hungarian enterprises. It enables companies to not only develop new, exportable products, services and technologies, but to also contribute to the construction of cross-border professional relations.

Austrian-Hungarian EUREKA projects will support collaborations between companies and research sites in the two countries in the field of self-driving vehicle development and testing. Applications can be submitted until February 10, 2021. The budget is HUF 900 million. 

An additional HUF 1.8 billion will be provided to support German-Hungarian research and development projects. This tender is expected to open at the end of October and will mainly support projects from areas such as industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, autonomous machines and systems, and biotechnology.

In these two programs, Hungarian companies can obtain domestic funding of between HUF 50-200 million for the implementation of the supported international project.

A budget of HUF 500 million is available for other collaborations, with applicants able to apply for funding of HUF 20-70 million per project. 

Hungarian universities and research institutes can be included in the program as partners or consortium leaders in an internationally approved EUREKA project or submitted project that is eligible for support.

To launch a EUREKA project, partner institutions from at least two EUREKA Member States must work together.

In the history of EUREKA collaborations, Hungarian players have been increasingly successful. So far, 81 joint projects involving 144 Hungarian institutions have received significant support from international and domestic sources. 

Some of the EUREKA projects that have received government support include research for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, the development of human-robot collaboration, and the establishment of an IT management system to modernize elderly care.

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