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New guidelines launched to produce the perfect pálinka

The fifth edition of the Hungarian Framework for Excellence for Pálinka Distillers has been launched to help drink makers produce the perfect alcoholic blend.

The fifth edition of the Hungarian Framework for Excellence for Pálinka Distillers marks a breakthrough in the culture of alcohol consumption. Pálinka has been a household staple for many Hungarian families since the Middle Ages, but it’s only in the past few years that connoisseurs and gastro-junkies have taken notice of the spirit. 

Many of these changes are the direct result of the undertakings launched by the government program responsible for launching the Hungarian Framework for Excellence for Pálinka Distillers, the Hungarian Pálinka Program. 

Within the guide, the initiative sets itself the task of further enriching and diversifying the already existing discourses, offering a point of reference for at-home cooks, hobby drinkers and long-term pálinka specialists. 

The Hungarian Pálinka Program was first launched by the government in 2014. The program appoints regional specialists ensured with quality-assessment and the registration of the best-quality spirits, while it also aims to engender new discourses by running competitions among producers, alongside rarer, cocktail-making workshops and other events aimed at providing new skills to those working in this niche. It is also responsible for promoting the traditional Hungarian spirit at home and abroad. 

Róbert Zsigó told Világgazdaság that the initiative has succeeded in introducing a new, nationwide framework for quality assessment. He said they have successfully lobbied for pálinka to be recognized as an official Hungaricum, while the public perception of the spirit has also undergone a rapid change thanks to their campaigns. “There’s now no need to write the word ‘Hungarian’ when referring to pálinka. It’s now become well-known that pálinka is Hungarian,” remarked the Secretary of State.

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