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New cooperation between Katona József Theater and János Neumann University

Initiative hopes to instill in students an appreciation for and love of the arts.

A strategic agreement was made between Katona József Theater in Kecskemét and János Neumann University. Tamás Fülöp, the rector of the university, said that one of the basic tasks of higher education is to make students more versatile in their education and training; this includes helping students become intellectuals who are open to the theater and to culture.

The theater will offer opportunities for students, as well as faculty in the future. Péter Cseke, director of Katona József Theater, emphasized that it is crucial for there to be a balance between learning and entertainment, as both institutions provide knowledge and experience. University students will be able to take a limited course in theater, including a theater visit accompanied by analysis and interpretation of the work seen. 

They are also working with János Neumann University’s Student Union on various prize games and events in an effort to make the theater a more active part of a student’s life. Additionally, the theater will also offer four theater passes per school year to students with the highest academic average.

Róbert Rigó, Dean of the Teacher Training Faculty of Neumann John University, said it is important for their students to visit local cultural institutions, as they will later then educate their own children to love the arts and attend the theater if they themselves are theater-goers and interested in culture.

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