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New Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center will help increase the productivity of Hungarian SMEs

One of the key goals of Hungary’s Artificial Intelligence strategy is to increase the productivity of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by some 26 percent by 2030.

An Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center will be established to encourage widespread use of related applications, and the National MI Lab will be involved in the research aimed at achieving this, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) announced on Sunday.

According to the information, the aim of the AI Innovation Center will support SMEs to be equipped with the different technologies and to identify the right suppliers. The center will provide training for those interested in implementing applications more widely, put together ready-made application packages, and create opportunities for businesses to learn from each other.

If a company has a special need for AI technology that requires the involvement of research, it will be possible to turn to the National AI Lab. In addition to continuing the relevant basic research in the field of artificial intelligence, the organization will also seek to expand applied research, so that the research sphere can be more in line with market expectations.

The National MI Lab will support the creation of potentially competitive companies through the development of artificial intelligence-focused business programs and investment funds, as well as a startup incubation with a focus on machine perception, machine learning-based intelligent manufacturing, language technology, and reliable AI and anonymization technologies.

The institution will also have an important role in cross-border research projects and in attracting international AI research centers to Hungary, the ministry said.

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