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New album presents the territory of historical Hungary

With the support of the Hungarian Tourism Association Foundation and the Hungarian Tourism Agency, the new book will help families plan their next vacation.

The protagonist of the book, the Hungarian dog named Kajla, visits a total of 40 locations in the territory of seven neighboring states that used to belong to Hungary and are still inhabited by Hungarians.

The government’s goal is to help as many Hungarian families as possible discover the beauty of the territory of historical Hungary and strengthen a sense of community and togetherness with Hungarians across the border, Péter Princzinger, President of the Hungarian Tourism Association Foundation, said.

Several professional, historical and editorial teams worked for nearly half a year to present the sites and the attractions associated with them. The content and visuals are perfect for children, and the drawings of landmarks make them easy to identify in real life as well.

In the winter months ahead, with the help of the album, families can plan their next family vacation to the areas presented.  

The book can be requested free of charge for students with the student card for available stock on the website kajla7hatarban.hu and can be picked up at 50 locations across Hungary.

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