New advocacy organization for startups

Twelve well-known Hungarian startups, together with Google Hungary, IVSZ and Design Terminal, have founded a new advocacy organization for startups.

The new organization, Startup Hungary, will be a knowledge base, advocacy group and orientation point for the domestic startup sector. It will operate as a foundation, with a board of trustees made up of the founders and representatives of the founding partners. 

One of Startup Hungary’s goals is to improve the efficiency of startups, with a focus on keeping talented young people in Hungary. To achieve this, the group will provide startups with the best international methods and skills. The founders also want entrepreneurs to not only aim for success but also for the creation of values based on a broader social and ethical perspective. 

A third important area of ​​activity for the organization will be policy advocacy to support the aims mentioned above. There will also be monthly programs to welcome new members of the startup community.

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