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New adventure spots in Tokaj-Hegyalja coming soon

Small-scale tourism developments are underway in three villages of the Tokaj World Heritage Wine Region.

In Hercegkút, every house once had a cellar, which was used and passed down with the house for centuries. The cellars were developed in the Gomboshegy and Kőporos cellar rows, which today, with their uniform appearance, are a unique attraction in the wine region. 

The Wine Pavilion (Borpavilon) in the Kőporos cellars is a unique feature of the Gomboshegy and Kőporos wine rows, serving the needs of local producers, wineries and wine lovers, as well as hikers and nature lovers.

The village of Erdőbénye is still the village of the cooper, where you can learn about the life of the cooper and the traditions of the cooper’s trade. The history and tools of the cooper’s trade will be presented in the Cooper’s House, which will also be a place for team-building programs and professional events and workshops 

The microclimate of Tokaj-Hegyalja is dominated by the Bodrog River, which flows at the foot of the volcanic hills of the region, offering water tours in the warmer seasons and boat trips and waterfront activities in autumn. On autumn mornings, the river is covered with a thick veil of mist, offering a spectacular view for those who visit the “mist-veil terrace” in Szegi.

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