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Negotiations on minimum wage may be stalled

The current minimum wage is HUF 200,000, while the guaranteed minimum wage is HUF 260,000.

In Hungary, this would mean that an increase of around 14-15 percent is expected next year, raising the minimum wage to HUF 223,000-228,000 gross and the guaranteed minimum wage to HUF 290,000-296,000. However, according to the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, a government reshuffle could stall negotiations, making it uncertain whether the parties will agree on next year’s minimum wage changes by the end of the year.

The government reshuffle has come at the worst possible time for trade unions and workers, as it is not yet known who will be in charge of next year’s minimum wage negotiations following the resignation of Minister László Palkovics and the abolition of the Ministry of Technology and Industry, Róbert Zlati, president of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, said, expressing his concerns.

To date, the negotiators of the Permanent Consultative Forum of Industry and Government have not even reached the point of reconciling differences, the demands of the unions versus the offers of the employers and the government.

Despite the seemingly chaotic situation, the trade union is looking forward to resuming substantive negotiations with representatives of the government side, the president said.

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