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Nearly 5,000 can expect an average wage increase of 30 percent

The government is dedicated to improving the competitiveness of ELKH.

The Secretariat of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH) has started allocating the additional resources, HUF 11 billion, provided by the government for the operation and wage development of the research sites belonging to its network.

The Governing Board of the ELKH decided on the distribution and use of the funds, a significant part of which, HUF 3.6 billion, will go toward an average salary increase of 30 percent, effective starting July 2020, for researchers and staff. Young researchers employed by the network will also receive an additional 20 percent salary increase.

The salary increases will affect nearly 5,000 researchers and institutional staff. The ELKH Secretariat will provide an additional HUF 5.5 billion to cover the network’s operating and management expenses in 2020, which the institutions can use in accordance with their own needs.

A decision was also made to allocate HUF 875.3 million to support the implementation of the tenders submitted this year for the development of the institutions’ research infrastructure . Together with this amount, in 2020, more than HUF 1.7 billion will be spent on research infrastructure development in the ELKH network. 

The remaining part of the HUF 11 billion will be used by the ELKH Secretariat to finance central tasks and create a reserve for unforeseen tasks.

The new funding structure replaces the previous system, which was not related to the number of institutions, their performance, or how much money each institution needed to operate.

The new model will make research network funding more transparent, balanced and predictable, supporting researchers and increasing the international competitiveness of the network.

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