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Nearly 300 domestic monuments can be visited for free

Cultural Heritage Days will take place on September 19-20 nationwide.

Hungary’s Cultural Heritage Days are a series of events held as part of a wider European Heritage Days initiative, now held in 50 countries every year. 

From September 19 to 20, people can attend hundreds of events, choose from more than 250 guided walks and see nearly 300 hundred domestic monuments.

The special feature of the Cultural Heritage Days program series, coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office, is that numerous rare monuments and special venues, which are not normally open to the public, can be visited during the event.

These hidden treasures will be presented by local volunteer tour guides, architects, art historians and local history experts for free. In some cases, registration may be required.

The main goal of this year’s event is to bring Hungary’s unknown cultural gems into the spotlight, including many churches that are far from the main tourist attractions.

In addition to the capital of Budapest, other cities are also preparing many programs. In Debrecen, those interested can participate in traditional crafts workshops, World War II exhibitions, and various guided tours to learn more about what makes Debrecen unique. 

To learn more about the programs and register, go to http://oroksegnapok.gov.hu/

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