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Near-record low unemployment in Hungary

Since June 2020, the number of jobseekers has been reduced by 145,000.

According to a statement by Zsolt Kutnyánszky, state secretary for industry and the labor market, there are still very few registered job seekers in Hungary, with the number of unemployed people falling by about a third since 2010. 

The government remains committed to reducing unemployment and defending a work-based society. 

Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been saved and tens of thousands created thanks to well-managed crisis management programs. Since June 2020, the number of job seekers has been reduced by around 145,000, and employment has been growing steadily since then, with a rate of 74.2 percent in March-May, higher than any previous spring, the ministry announced. 

Kutnyánszky said that the labor market remains stable, with 4.7 million people working in the country for months and the unemployment rate approaching 3 percent. The number of job seekers has reached its lowest level in three decades in recent months, but the period ahead will also bring extraordinary challenges in terms of job preservation.

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