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National agency established for data asset management

The Hungarian government has recently established the National Data Asset Agency to join the rest of the world in data asset management.

The Deputy State Secretary for Digitization at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Balázs Károly Solymár, emphasized that the government adopted its Artificial Intelligence Strategy in September, which includes the need to launch Hungary’s data economy. 

Authorities already collect a huge amount of data that could be used for other purposes. The most important task of the agency is to open public databases within an organized framework to help businesses develop high value-added products. 

András Levente Gál, head of the National Data Asset Agency, said it is not possible to talk about a modern digital economy, including the development of artificial intelligence, without data assets. He added that data should be seen not only as information to be protected, but also as a marketable asset.

The National Data Asset Agency will operate as part of the Neumann Nonprofit Ltd., whose clients are primarily administrative organizations. Soon, they will create platforms that enable the transparent, clean and fair trade of private data assets. Gál said the agency does not manage data, it is not about creating a large aggregate database, but about working with data owners for specific modeling.

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