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National Afforestation Program kicks off across Hungary

The Hungarian government believes it is crucial to maintain quality forests nationwide and to provide all Hungarians with clean air and a livable environment.

Under a new program launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, a huge afforestation program has launched in several cities and settlements across Hungary.  

The 86-municipal program contributes to climate protection by increasing the country’s afforestation, thereby binding thousands of tons of carbon dioxide. In order to motivate farmers and municipalities to plant trees, the funding for afforestation applications has been increased by 80 to 130 percent in recent months.

The program started with a symbolic planting of four saplings in Esztergom. In Debrecen and Nyíregyháza, mayors and state secretaries also drew attention to the importance of the program and climate protection by planting trees in public spaces.

István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, has highlighted how Hungarian forests absorb four to five million tons of carbon dioxide annually. He also added that in addition to maintaining the existing two million hectares of forests and maintaining their health, forestry is responsible for increasing carbon absorbing capacity.

Péter Zambó, State Secretary for Land Affairs, said that in order to plant some 25,000 hectares of forest in the country over the next three to five years, about 100 million seedlings would need to be planted.

Finally, to allow schools, kindergartens, municipalities and NGOs to participate in the afforestation program, special tenders have been launched to cater specifically for these institutions.

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