NAK TechLab’s second incubation program a great success

Bonafarm, Axiál and Syngenta all used participating startups to find a solution to current challenges in agriculture.

During the three-month program organized by the National Chamber of Agriculture and Design Terminal, large companies and startups launched a total of 15 collaborations, laying the groundwork for the emergence of new agricultural services.

The program proves that Hungarian agricultural startups can come up with great solutions to today’s challenges in the agricultural sector. Large-scale business collaborations facilitate the wider diffusion of technologies so that developments can reach other actors in the agricultural sector, Balázs Győrffy, President of NAK, emphasized.

This spring, the Bonafarm Group will test the SMAPP LAB solution on nearly 400 hectares of hybrid cornfields. Datastart Kft. has developed a laser robotic laser that will be able to help  determine the size of a crop more cost-effectively.

Axiál Kft. started joint projects with two companies. A development out of Chernozem will provide accurate data to the company’s thousands of customers within 10 minutes of examining their soil, thus supporting proper nutrient management. Meanwhile, it will also be working with HR company Upsoo to improve its recruitment process. 

Syngenta Kft. started its joint work with three startups that promote the efficiency of field crop production. With the help of Aeriu’s drone inventory and warehousing solution, KITE Zrt. is shortening the warehousing process for itself and its customers. Syngenta is also testing Agroclerk’s business support platform, which allows farmers to save significant time on administrative work.

In order to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of Hungarian fruit production, SIÓ-ECKES Kft. will test a solution in different parts of the country over the next six months. The solution was developed via a collaboration of two startups, Growberry and Byome.

Auchan Magyarország Kft. was looking for automated solutions for a more successful cooperation with domestic producers, like optimizing its various processes with software robotics from RobonIQ / StrellCo and improving its warehousing processes with Aeriu. It has also started working with Monodon Solutions to help better forecast and monitor the expected harvest of fruits and vegetables. 

As a technology partner in the three-month incubator program, Vodafone is helping increase efficiency in the agricultural sector as well with the potential of IoT technology, via sensory solutions applied in the production area and on-site.

At the end of the incubation program, a seven-part video series was made, with representatives of leading Hungarian companies talking about the opportunities for innovation they see in the agriculture sector and the exciting future of Hungarian agriculture in terms of digitalization trends.

The episodes can be seen here:

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