MVM awarded young innovators

The Edison Junior tender announced by MVM Zrt. is for children aged 6-14 to create their own solution to current difficulties and problems they perceive.

Among the winners at the MVM Edison Junior Ideas competition were a self-guided toy bus, a table-wiping robot, home air conditioning, and ideas for revitalizing old objects.

The competition for children between the ages of 6 to 14 received almost 230 entries, nine of which were nominated in three categories, with three receiving a special prize from the jury.

New objects or new ideas on how to use existing ones were nominated in the “Create!” category, while the “Make it better!” category was about further development of objects. Last but not least, the “Transform!” category was for the unusual use of objects that already existed.

The first prize of the “Create!” category went to a self-driving toy bus equipped with sensors that can follow a colored line, while the best entry in the  “Make it better!” category was a Lego-based table wiping robot. The winner of the “Transform!” category was a home-made air conditioner using fans.

Among the special prize winners, a Lego film won the “Craziest” award, while a vegetable garden in a recycled sandbox won the “Greenest” award. Meanwhile, the “Easiest” award went to a pencil case and notepad made out of a picture holder and jeans.

The jury focused on how the applicant’s idea or product solved a given problem, to what extent the idea or product could be considered their own, and how creatively their new solution was. 

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