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Most every settlement now 30 minutes from a highway

The highway developments will help local economies.

Back in 2010, Hungary’s highway network did not even reach 1,300 kilometers, but today, people have close to 1,700 kilometers of highway to use, enabling them to travel faster between most settlements in the country. A total of 86 percent of the population can reach a highway within 30 minutes. 

A four-lane road development project, worth some HUF 500 billion, was completed just this year, including the express connections of Eger and Sopron, the M44 and M4 sections of Pest County, and the Monostori Bridge, which provides a new crossing point over the Danube, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced.

Numerous other sections were completed just this year, including the southern part of the M25, which leads from the M3 to Eger, and the continuation of the M85 after Csorna. There is also a new four-lane connection to Sopron, the four-lane sections of the M76 close to Zalaegerszeg, and a new section of the M44 reaching Békéscsaba.

Additionally, the Debrecen-Oradea connection on the Hungarian side was completed, so travelers can now get to Transylvania and Romania via this highway or the M43. The missing intermediate sections of the M4 are under construction or preparation.

Along the Hungarian-Slovak border, the Monostori Bridge created a new Danube crossing point as well, relieving traffic in downtown Komárom and Révkomárom. 

László Mosóczi, Secretary of State for Transport Policy, said that nearly 180 kilometers of new highway were delivered, improving the accessibility, traffic, and livability of several regions, thereby helping to attract investors and jobs to these areas. 

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