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More than 25,000 Hungarian youth receive tax-free income

Young people supported by the Summer Student Work scheme can work for their tax-free earnings.

In this year’s call, more than 25,000 young people have so far worked in local government, tourism, catering or agriculture with a state contribution of more than HUF 2.7 billion, Zsolt Kutnyánszky, the state secretary for industry and the labor market at the Ministry of Technology and Industry, said, presenting the latest figures.

Students aged between 16 and 25, studying full-time can register for the summer student work program, the Ministry of Technology and Industry said in a statement.

Municipalities and businesses in agriculture, tourism and catering can apply for support to employ them. Local authorities will be reimbursed in full for the wages paid for up to six hours of employment per day for a maximum period of two months. 

There is also significant demand in the tourism and catering sector, where students are expected to help in hotels, restaurants and ice cream parlors during the peak tourist season. So far, around 5,000 applications have been submitted for employment in this sector, which represents almost 20 percent of the total demand.

The maximum number of hours of employment in companies is eight hours a day, and the scheme covers three-quarters of the wages.

Since the program was launched in 2013, the government has already supported 264,000 young people for a total of almost HUF 27 billion.

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