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More money for more jobs for people with disabilities

Despite the epidemic situation, the government will increase support for the employment of people with disabilities by HUF 2 billion.

Attila Fülöp, State Secretary for Social Affairs and Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Human Resources, reported that the cabinet will provide a total of HUF 45.6 billion for the employment of people with disabilities in 2021. 

According to the secretary of state, it is particularly important to increase support in this area, as it is a natural need for people with disabilities to be able to work. He emphasized that 155,000 people with disabilities are working in Hungary today and their employment has increased from 18% to 44% since 2010.

János Hargitai (KDNP), Member of Parliament for the region, said that the government has provided all assistance needed to get a job for those who want a job and can work. Thanks to the measures, 4.3 million such people were already working at the start of 2020 compared to not even 3 million 10 years ago.

Péter Csizi, Managing Director of Főkefe, Kézmű and ERFO nonprofit companies, said that their social mission is to produce for both domestic and foreign markets. They employ almost 10,000 people in 165 plants across the country, of which 85% are workers with disabilities, and produce some 9,000 kinds of products. Their goal, he added, is to have a location wherever there is a demand in the country.

In addition to the plant, a 600-square-meter warehouse was established this year to store raw materials that require significant space.

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