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More electric chargers for cars from MOL

MOL expanded its domestic charging network with 14 electric chargers.

The company’s electric charging network has been continuously expanding since 2012, and the company currently operates 71 electric chargers nationwide.

Of the 71 electric chargers, seven are fast, 58 are high-power, and six are ultra-fast. The vast majority of them can charge the batteries of an average electric car in just half an hour.

Together with its consortium partners, MOL will also establish a regional network in six countries including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania within the framework of the NEXT-E project supported by the European Union. MOL and its subsidiaries already have 161 electric chargers operating in the region.

According to plans, there will be an electric charger at 10 percent of MOL petrol stations in the region, meaning around 200 chargers, by the end of 2021, Róbert Tóth-Fekete, Head of Alternative Fuels at MOL Group, said.

As part of the NEXT-E project, MOL has installed electric chargers in recent weeks along some of Hungary’s busiest motorways.

In addition, the recently developed MOL Plugee application now has nearly 5,000 users. Launched last year, the app makes charging fast and easy; it is especially popular since it takes into account cars’ ability to absorb electricity.

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