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Moody’s confirms improvement in Hungarian economy

The Hungarian economy will reach its pre-epidemic performance in 2022.

The performance of the Hungarian economy is expected to reach pre-coronavirus levels again in 2022. 

According to a country report presented by Moody’s Investors Service in London, the international credit rating agency explained its positive outlook on the Baa3-level Hungarian sovereign debt rating. 

It reflects the strong performance of the Hungarian economy compared to similarly rated sovereign debtors. The agency expects this to continue to be the case.

Although the process of strong economic growth and declining public debt has inevitably come to a halt due to the coronavirus crisis, the epidemic has so far had only a limited impact on the basic Hungarian debtor profile, according to Moody’s assessment.

It further stated that it expects Hungary’s improvement in budget and debt ratios, which has characterized the past five years, to resume this year.

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