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MOME to launch English-language Master’s programs in 2022

Moholy-Nagy University of the Arts (MOME) will launch two English-language master's courses in Photography and Interaction Design.

József Fülöp, Rector of MOME, said that the first English-language master’s course will be in photography, a field of study that has been recognized and popular for decades and is closely linked to the life’s work of László Moholy-Nagy. The other master’s course in English will be a new and distinctly futuristic field that aims to exploit the potential of the digital age — interaction design. Tradition and commitment to the future together express the spirit of MOME, he added. 

Until April 2022, MOME will promote the new master’s courses in the region, with a targeted communication campaign, especially among undergraduate art students in Belgrade, Brno, Krakow, Ljubljana, Łódź, Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw.

The price of the courses will be very high by regional standards, but a special scholarship scheme will be available for the best applicants from Central Europe. 

A foundation has operated MOME since August 2020. During this time, it has created a long-term strategy, renewed its research and development activities, launched the digitalization of the university’s internal processes, and started to modernize its courses.

In addition to its traditionally high-quality art and design education, starting in 2022, MOME will introduce entrepreneurship education for all of its undergraduate students as well.

The English courses will also be available to Hungarian students with the usual state funding, up to the full cost of their studies.

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