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Modern Factories Night to take place on November 15th

Modern Factories Night will bring together 72 factories from 12 sectors to cover interactive programs offered in every county.

For the third time, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology is organizing a Modern Factories Night. Hungarian smart factories and internationally competitive industrial plants will give the public an insight into their daily operations. 

On November 15th, those interested in the initiative will see examples of automated and digitized production solutions for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and see what a truly modern factory looks like. 

Visitors will learn more about concepts like Industry 4.0, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence. They will also get an insight into the digitization of production processes, modern production management, enterprise management principles, and the practical application of related business and technology solutions. 

In addition, visitors will experience what a 21st-century factory work environment is like and the knowledge one needs to fill certain positions. Most of the factories that can be viewed during the event are active in the automotive, mechanical and electronics industries, but the food and pharmaceutical industries are also opening their doors to the public.

Participation is free but registration must be secured beforehand. For more information visit the official website: www.moderngyarakejszakaja.hu

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