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Modern Cities program comes to Békéscsaba

The program brings smart developments, including a smart public lighting system, and numerous other urban projects.

Mayoral Commissioner István Borbola said at a press conference on Monday that the “smart” program alone entails a number of improvements: 6,874 new light fixtures, 10 space surveillance cameras, 41 new Wi-Fi hotspots, nine digital so-called totem poles, 11 environmental sensors (dust, temperature, carbon dioxide) and sensors for traffic and parking systems. All elements should be installed by May 2021. 

He added that 558 existing lighting fixtures will be “smartened” and 119 new light sources will be created. Within the area of Békéscsaba, there will be almost entirely LED lighting. 

Borbola noted the benefits of the new lighting system; it will be easier and cheaper to operate, troubleshooting will be faster, and electricity consumption will be cut in half. Also, 1,083 lights will be programmable directly from the center and 1,051 on-site, but a smartphone or tablet will also be able to be used to program them.

In Békéscsaba, an additional 23 projects are being coordinated as part of the Modern Cities program. Mayor Péter Szarvas announced that HUF 18 billion will be allocated for the complex energy program of the Békés County seat. The smart grid system, which also includes a solar park and electricity storage, will be built in two phases using HUF 3.66 billion.

The city also plans to procure 8-10 electric buses and to build an alternative (solar) charging infrastructure as well as a system to provide geothermal heating for several sports facilities. Meanwhile, the city sports hall will be renovated and a new multifunctional sports hall is in the works, plus the Békéscsaba Volleyball Academy is already complete. 

A Munkácsy district will be created from HUF 3 billion, several industrial parks will be established, and the new Printing Knowledge and Training Center will be handed over soon. 

Construction has started on the Wenckheim tourist hiking and cycling trails as well, and the development of the CsabaPark Gastronomy and Adventure Park is under way. 

The construction of the M44 motorway is also part of the Modern Cities program, the mayor said.

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