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Ministry of Innovation and Technology is organizing the 4th Night of Modern Factories

Friday, November 13, factories and plants will open their doors to visitors “online” due to COVID-19.

The success of the initiative is proven by how many businesses are interested in the event, with  76 companies joining the program this year.

László György, Secretary of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said the most important challenge in reindustrialization today is that at the time of the change of regime, there were large Hungarian companies that had export-capable capacities, but this knowledge was left to waste by previous decision-makers.

These companies mainly produced for Eastern European markets. Since 2010, the government has been working to help businesses operating in Hungary implement the knowledge available in multinational enterprises and generate technological change among Hungarian SMEs wishing to learn and develop, he explained.

The secretary of state indicated that on the Night of Modern Factories, prominent businesses across a range of sectors, from aircraft manufacturing to disinfectant production, will open their doors. The goal of the event is to attract young people, promote state-of-the-art technologies and entrepreneurship, and help businesses learn from each other.

László György emphasized that companies should consider an online appearance as a digitalization opportunity, as the program encourages companies to develop their online presence. 

Virtual tours with a 360-degree camera and factory demonstration videos will be available. Registered users can also test their skills in a special game, with correct answers winning gift packages and individual factory visits.

More information is available at www.moderngyarakejszakaja.hu

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