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Ministry of Innovation and Technology announces sustainability development strategy

Rotational farming and eradicating illegal landfills are two program projects.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) is preparing a governmental sustainability development strategy. Anita Boros, Secretary of State for Construction, Infrastructure Environment and Sustainability, made the announcement at the opening event of the Sustainable Hungary 2020 – Year of Sustainability conference at Széchenyi István University in Győr. Péter Földesi, rector of the university, said that the Globalization Competence Center hosting the conference was set up last summer to bring together science, industry and government to discuss future issues.

State Secretary Boros said that sustainability concerns a number of policy areas and that this is the starting point for developing a governmental sustainability development strategy aimed at finding appropriate solutions and technologies. She noted that the problems are known and they know what needs to be improved. “A real breakthrough requires a systemic vision and the preservation of social welfare during the transition period,” she said, adding that it is important that energy and food prices paid by Hungarian families should not increase.

“The country should gradually move to rotational farming. The government is trying to help with this by helping to shape attitudes and change companies’ technology,” Boros stated. Forty events this year will be addressing social communities and business associations about the program.

Tenders have also begun, with applications available on the government’s website. Next week already, university students will be invited to tackle eradicating illegal landfills. ITM also aims to establish a Sustainability Research Network to assist the government in responding to environmental challenges. Ákos Kara, a Fidesz MP, said that the cost of climate protection should be paid for by the biggest polluters.

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