MindRove wins prize for developing thought-controlled devices

MindRove has triumphed at the INPUT program’s first national startup competition, earning them a prize fund of US$20,000, mentorship, and consultations with industry-leading developers.

Hungarian startup MindRove has won first prize at the INPUT Program’s first national startup competition for developing a brain-computer interface.

The headset-like gadget scans and visualizes the activity taking place in the motor cortex or parietal lobe via six channels and electrodes placed behind the ears. 

MindRove combines special, self-designed neural sensors with modern artificial intelligence to create a more accurate and responsive headset than those commercially available.

The future-oriented invention earned first place in tight competition with fifty startups, including Insimu, the company revolutionizing medical training and education, a financial application catering to Gen Z called BankZee, and a company introducing AR to the secondary education sector, Innobie. 

Heatventors came second with a sustainable technology project that allows users to save up on electricity bills and amenities. They received a US$5,000 prize fund. Insimu came third, landing them the opportunity to take part in the Finland-based Slusho competition. 

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