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Merse Szinyei’s life-work exhibition opens in the Hungarian National Gallery

An exhibition of around 120 works by Pál Szinyei Merse, the first modern painter of Hungarian fine art, will be on display at the Hungarian National Gallery (MNG).

Szinyei is seen as the first modern painter of 19th century Hungarian art, but when he started out, he had to fight hard with contemporary critics and for a time gave up painting altogether.

The exhibition entitled “Image and Cult”  presents his oeuvre in comparison with his Hungarian and international contemporaries. One of the greatest masters of Hungarian art, Szinyei has not had an exhibition of his life’s work in Budapest for 30 years, said László Baán, the director general of the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery.

Baán added that the exhibition tells the story of the development of Merse Pál Szinyei’s oeuvre, as well as the influence he had on both domestic and international artists, including works by Monet, Courbet, Sisley, Corot, Gainsborough, Böcklin, Benczúr, Ferenczy, and Rippl-Rónai, not to mention contemporary artists such as Gyula Konkoly and Endre Tót.

During the exhibition, which will be open until February 13, 2022, in the National Gallery’s Building C, visitors will be guided through the development of Merse Pál Szinyei’s art in reverse chronological order.


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