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László Palkovics: Hungary wants to be a significant innovator

The goal of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) is to make Hungary one of the world’s main innovators by 2030.

Speaking at the opening of Innovation Day at the ZalaZONE Research and Technology Center, Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics noted that R&D expenditures in Hungary have doubled since 2010.

While 10 years ago it was 1.14 percent, the ratio of research and development expenditures to GDP increased to 1.53 percent by 2018.

In order to apply this knowledge internationally, the government supports 17 national laboratories, two of which are directly connected to the activities of the Zalaegerszeg automotive test track. These laboratories will receive HUF 14 billions in funding this year and 90 billion in the coming years.

Emphasizing the importance of the Zala test track and the related science park, the minister mentioned that the facility would be the first in the world to provide not only a test environment for conventional vehicles, but also measurement capabilities for automated vehicles. He noted that the Lynx combat vehicle production plant, which is one of the most modern in the world, will also be built here with an investment of HUF 60 billion.

In the framework of Innovation Day, the foundation stone of a new research building at Széchenyi István University in Győr was laid as well; the addition will complement the university’s existing research center and house two larger laboratories.

The cornerstone of the ZalaZONE building, which will house Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Széchenyi István University and the Pannonian University of Veszprém, was also laid. On the occasion of Innovation Day, the road leading to the main building of ZalaZONE was named after Pál Michelberger, the late technical university professor, university rector and former vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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