Lake Tisza port development underway

The construction of new harbors on Lake Tisza and the Tisza River will accompany a fleet of brand new tourist boats.

The construction of the port in Kisköre will be completed within a few weeks. In total, twelve ports will be built in 2019, and five or seven more will be built by the start of the next summer season, starting on May 1st, 2020. 

Construction works at Kisköre will consist of a hall for winter storage, a service center, a group of buildings for passenger service and the central base of the Tisza Water Police.

A maritime-related information system is also being developed to help ensure passenger safety and serve the widest possible range of charterers.

The new development program will help local businesses in key tourism areas to build better resorts, create jobs, and support young people living in the area. 

What’s more, ten new boats will arrive throughout the remainder of this year and another ten in 2020. The boats will be manufactured and delivered to Hungary by the French Nicols company. Part of a group of companies that has been engaged in holiday rentals for decades and is willing to include Hungarian holiday resorts in its booking and sales system, Nicols will offer Lake Tisza trips within its already existing sales and client network, and will also showcase holiday packages in its catalogs and online booking system.

Holiday boats are extremely popular with holidaymakers visiting Hungary. With the launch of the Hungarian Holiday Cruise Program, Lake Tisza, the Upper Tisza, and the Bodrog area will be marketed as a fun and sunny-filled tourist attraction for people visiting from all over the world.

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