KraftLab creative space opened in Debrecen

KraftLab offers the technological background and mentoring needed to help implement innovative ideas.

The concept of KraftLab was created by Telekom together with youth, and the framework has also been shaped by the successful innovators of the Z and Y generations. 

At the opening of the new KraftLab creative space in Debrecen, the hosts were successful innovators of the Z and Y generations, youth who understand the importance of digital tools and techniques, as well as the strength of the professional expert background that Telekom Kraft has put behind their projects. 

“It’s also very exciting for me as a physicist that Kraft is about experimentation, continuous trying, and the opportunity for improvement. KraftLab’s equipment is unique, plus it’s available to college students for free, which is a huge opportunity. If you need greenbox studio technology, a 3D printer, a podcast room to develop someone’s ideas, you can find it here. You can also network with young people of similar interests,” Janka Sára Molnár, one young physicist, said. 

“Research shows that it is important to gen Z to express their creativity and to create together, and these needs have intensified especially after the epidemic restrictions. At the same time, it is important to mention that people talk a lot about generation Z but don’t ask them anything; KraftLab is a possible answer to this issue,” Tomi Trunk, a gen Z expert, said.

“When we developed Telekom Kraft’s concept, we also considered physical locations, but due to the pandemic, only online implementations were possible, until now. The Kraft community provides a wide range of opportunities for young people to develop. We are particularly pleased to finally be able to contribute to their work with the newly opened building. KraftLab can be a base for them to experiment without risk,” said Attila Szabó, Telekom’s Commercial and Brand Communications Director. 

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