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Kelenföld Railway Station to become a transport museum

The 130-year-old station to be renovated in Újbuda

At the press conference announcing the renovations, Gergely Gulyás, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced that the approximately HUF 100 million cost of the investment will be covered by the XI. district government and the Prime Minister’s Office. 

The mayor of Újbuda Tamás Hoffmann, stated that they had been working for years on how to make good use of the building. The municipality finally contacted the office of the Hungarian PM for ideas. 

The Hungarian Museum of Technology and Transport, created in 2009 via a merger of Museum of Transportation and the National Museum of Technology, does not currently have its own location but instead has various exhibits throughout Budapest and in rural areas. Hungary’s Museum of Transportation was one of the country’s oldest, first founded in 1899. The museum’s former Kőbánya site and some surrounding buildings have already been chosen to house the new merged entity. A competition was held in 2018 to develop the site and help make Kőbánya an international tourist attraction. Out of 90 entries, 13 were selected for further development and consideration. 

Per the new project at Kelenföld, the Director of the Museum of Transportation, David Vitézy, had this to day about the development:

“Opening a railway-focused exhibition space here, which with its ever-changing programs, exhibitions, terraces, and the museum’s world-famous railway models, will add a worthy function to the building and enrich this city center with a new cultural space.”

Újbuda Mayor Hoffman also noted that District XI. will have a new city center, Etele Plaza, opening in 2020.

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