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Katalin Karikó is one of Time magazine’s heroes

Alongside biochemist Katalin Karikó, Kizzmekia Corbett, Barney Graham, and Drew Weissman were named Time magazine's Heroes of the Year 2021.

2021 was all about COVID-19 and developing vaccines against it. The magazine Time chose the most important researchers involved in this battle as its Heroes of the Year. The four researchers, including biochemist Katalin Karikó, have been instrumental in the development of mRNA-based vaccines.

In its article, Time writes about how Katalin Karikó’s scientific work was supported by her colleagues and how the pandemic has shown the significance of their discoveries.

In addition to researchers, Time named Elon Musk, the founding CEO of Tesla Motors, as the “Man of the Year 2021.” 

Edward Felsenthal, editor-in-chief of the magazine, wrote that “The miracle of fast and effective vaccines that saved millions of lives from COVID-19 was the work of so many scientists over so many years that we created a new category to recognize them, Heroes of the Year. The mRNA vaccines available today are built on the pioneering insights of the past—and will become the breakthroughs of tomorrow.”

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