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József Richter directs new dinner-theater show at the Budapest Operetta Theatre

The newest production of the Budapest Operetta Theatre takes inspiration from the so-called dinner theatres, a popular form of entertainment in the United States.

A dining experience and theatre show rolled into one, visitors will be seated at tables to dine while watching acrobats, dancers, and actors perform their best routines and finest monologues within arms’ reach. 

Entitled Paris Rendezvous, the show will feature catchy songs, dance face-offs, and much more. The acrobats performing are renowned experts from all over the world – with some of them hailing from Germany, Abu Dhabi, and Katar. 

Directed by József Richter, Kossuth and Mari Jászai award-winning artist and founder of the Hungarian National Circus, the show’s guest stars will include the Canadian clown duo Strange Comedy, the Mongolian Khulan Circus, the Ukranian Crazy Flight Club, Ukranian juggler Oksana Vielkina, and the Portuguese-French skating duo Les Sandros.

The performance will also feature the biggest hits alongside new songs by a renowned figure of the Hungarian jazz scene – Bálint Bársony. 

“At the Teatro Zanzini, San Francisco, a group of acrobats were waiting tables. They performed in the show as well. Even the chef received a raving applause at the end of the show. These shows offer entertainment for the whole family,” said György Zsilák, Jászai Mari és Hortobágyi Károly award-winning juggler. 

Zsilák had his first breakthrough at the Budapest Moulin Rouge in 1961, after which he joined József Richter on tour. 

“It all starts in Hungary in the 1980s, when everyone went to Vienna for a Gorenje fridge and video recorder,” said Tamás Bori, production designer.

“Our heroes, however, thought boldly and, with their money raised, headed for Paris.”

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