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Job seekers in Hungary fall by more than 10,000

The latest figure from the National Employment Service (NFSZ) is the lowest ever recorded in October.

The government is providing targeted support to ensure that domestic companies are able to keep jobs despite the energy crisis.

The National Employment Service registered 235,634 job seekers in October 2021 according to the organization’s latest report. This was the lowest level recorded for October, with the peak before covid exceeding 239,000. The number of job seekers is down 4.3 percent compared to October 2021 and 1.1 percent compared to September this year.

In the summer of 2022, fewer people than ever before were unemployed, according to the National Employment Service. 

Zsolt Kutnyánszky, state secretary for industry and the labor market, said that “the number of job seekers has risen one and a half times in a few months after coronavirus hit Hungary. The war in our neighborhood has not had similar consequences so far, but the sanction surcharge on energy resources means that we must also take action to safeguard jobs at home. That’s why we have launched an energy support program for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises most affected by the international energy crisis, which is already at the registration stage. We will take over half of the excess energy bills from successful applicants while helping them achieve long-term savings by encouraging them to invest in energy efficiency. The government is also mobilizing significant resources to save jobs in large companies through the recently announced factory-saving scheme. In the first round of the two initiatives, we will contribute a total of HUF 250 billion to safeguard the progress made in building a work-based economy.”

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