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Jedlik Ányos Plan 2.0 launched to promote electric vehicles

The Jedlik Ányos Plan 2.0 prepared by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology outlined its key objectives in nine points to accelerate the spread of electromobility.

As part of the new electromobility strategy, 450,000 electric vehicles will be able to travel on domestic roads by the year 2030 through the use of 45,000 vehicle chargers across the nation.

According to the ministry, the nine points are the following:

  • a detailed market model
  • the development of charging infrastructure 
  • the promotion of electric vehicles
  • government and municipal charging station installation and fleet expansion 
  • the decarbonization of public transport
  • municipal power generation and smart network solutions
  • the development of national standards for local smart networks 
  • exploiting the potential for cost savings in charging energy
  • socialization of electromobility

Of significant importance is renewing the regulations around green license plates, and the preparation, adoption, and implementation of an electro-mobility legislative package that defines the operational framework of the Plan.

An important aspect in developing the Jedlik Ányos Plan 2.0 was to ensure consistency with the new National Bus Strategy, which promotes the deployment of environmentally friendly buses, including electric vehicles.

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