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Jamie Oliver’s Diner now delivering food in Budapest

After Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant and pizzeria, Jamie Oliver’s Diner may open after the coronavirus situation, depending on feedback.

According to the announcement of the Zsidai Gastronomic Group, which operates Jamie Oliver restaurants in Hungary, those interested in tasting the chef’s creations can order home delivery from his American diner via Wolt or in Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in the Buda Castle.

The Zsidai Gastronomic Group would like to see how people here respond to the diner food, in particular, and are also asking for feedback. They will then decide about the opening of a Jamie Oliver’s Diner restaurant after the end of COVID-19. 

Jamie Oliver’s Diner doesn’ just serve up plain burgers. A couple of years ago, the chef’s love for classic American comfort food led him to spend several months in the U.S., traveling throughout the country and researching what classic American cuisine looks like, beyond the stereotypes of fast food and huge portions. For example, he sought out what exactly makes a real BBQ and the best juicy burger.

His diner is based on a simple concept: offer good, lovable street-food dishes based on the best ingredients and an original recipe.

Jamie Oliver also wanted to show that in addition to what people “know” about typical American food, there is a true American cuisine — with wonderful flavors and made using traditional techniques. Jamie Oliver’s Diner offers all of this without the unhealthy ingredients and with his own signature twist, of course. 

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