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Italy becomes Hungary’s sixth-largest trading partner

Trade between Hungary and Italy has increased by 32% so far this year.

The minister wrote on social media that 28 Italian companies had invested HUF 12 billion in Hungary, protecting 3,400 jobs during COVID-19.

He also wrote that major Hungarian investments are also underway in Italy, as well as the development of land purchased by Hungary in the port of Trieste; when this latter investment is completed, it will greatly help Hungarian exporting companies speed up their shipments.

Szijjártó pointed out that close military cooperation between the two countries has been established as well, with the appointment of a Hungarian commander and an Italian deputy commander of the NATO mission in Kosovo next year.

The minister stressed that Europe is under unprecedented migratory pressure and that both countries are directly feeling the impact of this. 

 “While we have different views on mandatory resettlement quotas, we certainly agree that migrants should be stopped as far away from Europe as possible. The protection of the maritime border and the protection of the land border are equally important, and countries that protect their external borders must be supported instead of being lectured by Brussels,” Szijjártó wrote.

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