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Invisible canopy walkway planned for Budapest’s Normafa

The project will consist of several walkways high up in the trees, connected by a ground-level path.

Canopy walkways have been very popular in Hungary, and there are already 8-10 such attractions — although none in Budapest. That will change with current plans for an invisible canopy promenade in Normafa, giving people an unparalleled view into the forest.

Design company Hello Wood said the project initially included a 30-meter lookout tower, main building and single canopy walkway with emergency staircases, but they felt that this did not fit Normafa, so another proposal was made.

The present recommendation suggests that construction of the lookout tower should cease, as the tallest lookout tower in Budapest, the Elizabeth Lookout Tower, is only 600 meters away. Also, instead of one long walkway, there will be several shorter ones connected by a path at ground level to better accommodate the slope of the terrain. In this manner, strollers and wheelchairs can also access the canopy route along the path. 

“We have planned thematic lookout points: There are some that would present the wildlife of the forest, some would deal with the panorama of Pest below, and there would be one for the children as well,” Péter Pozsár, co-founder of Hello Wood explained.

The main facility, including a multifunctional room and bathrooms, will be located at the site of a demolished hotel and will give some 90 percent of the area back to the natural surroundings.

The 12th district municipality, where Normafa is located, won HUF 2 billion from the Hungarian Tourism Agency for the construction of the canopy promenade. The project is currently in the negotiation phase and could be completed in several stages within two years.

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