Investments in healthcare will save more than 150 jobs

Minister of Finance Mihály Varga announced that the government will initiate its support of healthcare investments with funding in excess of HUF 4 billion.

Mihály Varga stated that investing in healthcare will reduce the country’s vulnerability by improving self-sufficiency and lay the foundation for long-term economic growth. Thus, investments in the sector are, as stated, investments in the future, and the expertise needed for such investments is available; the government considers it its task to help Hungarian companies find markets, both domestically and abroad.

Mihály Varga added that the three healthcare companies receiving support are:

  • Durance Labor Terhelésélettani Kft.’s investment of HUF 2.99 billion will be implemented with government support of HUF 2.39 billion in Üllő, where syringes, injection needles and other medical products will be manufactured.
  • MMS One Zrt.’s investment of HUF 712.5 million will receive HUF 569 million for the development and production of a diagnostic system supported by artificial intelligence in Győr.
  • Miller Industries Hungary Kft. will invest HUF 2 billion with a state contribution of HUF 1.19 billion for the production of surgical kits and hyaluronic acid products.

The investments will protect more than 150 jobs. 

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