Investments in healthcare can strengthen the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy

Minister of Finance Mihály Varga handed over the HUF 3.4 billion healthcare development of Karsai Alba Kft. in Székesfehérvár.

According to MTI, Minister of Finance Mihály Varga drew attention to the fact that in the Health Support Program, the Hungarian government set the goal of developing its domestic healthcare industry so that the country could be self-sufficient in the field of healthcare protection equipment. The program also aimed to strengthen the foreign market presence of Hungarian companies. Karsai Alba’s investment meets this dual goal, he added.

The minister announced that the government had contributed HUF 2.9 billion to the development of almost HUF 3.4 billion. With a previously completed HUF 1.2 billion investment, the company started the production of packaging for masks and immune-boosting vitamin tablets.

With this new plant, the company has been able to produce a quarter of a million pipettes per year suitable for laboratory testing. The company is already an internationally recognized medium-sized company; more than half of its sales revenue comes from exports, and its products are known in 22 countries around the world, he added.

Béla Karsai, the president of Karsai Holding Zrt. and the managing director of Karsai Alba Kft., emphasized that they had entered a new area with this development, which they could not have done on their own. He indicated that their new products will also be purchased by the pharmaceutical factories Egis, Richter, Béres and Chinoin.

In 2019, Karsai Holding Zrt. had a profit of HUF 172 million on revenues of just over HUF 6 billion. Last year, their revenues were just under HUF 7 billion, with a profit of HUF 620 million. 

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