Investment in Hungarian startups is highest in the region

Startup Hungary: Young Hungarian companies are some of the most attractive investments to venture capitalists.

According to a survey by the Finnish Venture Capital Association, young Hungarian companies are more attractive to venture capitalists than companies in many Western countries.

The Finnish federation points out in its statement that the Finnish venture capital market is overtaking most European countries. The data refers to how much different players have invested in local startups in 2020 in relation to the performance of the economy and as a percentage of GDP, the local newspaper writes.

The data shows that Hungary is the leading player in the region in terms of startups; it is in fifth place, right after the Finns, the British, the Dutch and the Swedes. 

Hungary is ahead of the Baltic countries, with three times as much venture capital invested in startups as a percentage of GDP; this figure for Hungary is four times higher than Poland’s and almost 20 times higher than in Romania.

Hungary similarly outperformed the Czech Republic and other Central and Eastern European countries.

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