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International Air Day planned for Kecskemét

The Ministry of Defense and the city of Kecskemét have signed an agreement to organize an International Air Day in 2021.

The Kecskemét Air Base has long been an important part of the city’s heritage and history. Famous for hosting the two-day-long “Kecskemét International Air Show”, a grand military display that was once hailed as the largest in Europe. However, the familiar and spectacular air show hasn’t been seen in Kecskemét since 2013.

Now, Tibor Benkő, Minister of Defense, has announced that the Hungarian Defense Forces will again prepare for an International Air Day in Kecskemét.

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Defense and the city of Kecskemét on January 30, which outlines logistics, finer details and funding for the International Air Day to be held in 2021.

Klaudia Szemereyné Pataki, Mayor of Kecskemét, said the city is one of the safest settlements in the country thanks to the soldiers based there and they would like to support their work through the event, especially by reaching out to Hungary’s youth, so that the love of the country and the protection of the country becomes important for young people as well.

Minister Benkő emphasized that it is important for the soldiers’ work to be recognized not only nationally but internationally, and stressed that the event is key to maintaining and building social relations for the Hungarian Defense Forces.

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