Innovative companies can apply for HUF 300 billion

In the EU financial cycle of 2021–2027, out of HUF 2 trillion available to Hungarian companies, HUF 300 billion is available for RDI.

Alex Papadimitropulos, managing director of Via Credit, said in a statement that one of the most important programs for businesses in the current financial cycle will be the Enterprise Development and Innovation Operational Program, renamed GINOP PLUS.

An important change compared to the previous EIDHR program is that while companies operating in Pest County were completely excluded from the 2014–2020 applications, this restriction was abolished in the new applications.

Starting in April, Horizon Europe will also have EUR 95.5 billion in direct funding available, the consultant said. The government’s goal is for Hungary to have 2.18 percent of these funds in proportion to its population by 2027, he noted, adding that Hungarian organizations had won 0.6 percent of the budget in the previous cycle.

In addition to EU tenders, Hungarian companies also have access to the resources of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund whose budget this year will be more than HUF 182 billion; out of this, HUF 60-65 billion is expected to be allocated to businesses.

The consultant also pointed out that the amount of research and development expenditures in Hungary exceeded HUF 700 billion in 2019, which is 1.5 percent of the gross national product, while the EU average is 2.2 percent. With this, Hungary is in 22nd place in the European Innovation ranking for 2019, he added.

According to Papadimitropulos, many companies do research, development or innovation but call it product development. If they pursued these activities expressly, they could apply for tenders. He pointed out that the 25 percent state subsidy provided by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the operating expenses of large companies’ research projects can be combined with the corporate tax credit, resulting in a total subsidy of 33 percent.

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